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 Acoustic Ecology 

Sound of silence.

Soundscape - comevis

Acoustic Ecology is

the yearning for silence

Hearing is like breathing.


Our ears haven´t been strained by so much noice surrounding us as never before. A yearning as old as mankind itself.


The yearning for silence.



We need sound for our well-being, we need sound to navigate though our daily life.


Sound structures interactions in digital surroundings and can enhance the usability of products. Well-tuned sounds can lead to decreasing stress levels and the promotion of health and wellbeing in work environments or other physical or digital spaces.

The yearning for silence (please deactivate upper sound)

Everywhere sound-ecological questions arise, such as:

We help you finding the right answers to your sound-ecological questions.

Start your acoustic ecology journey with our... 


The aim is to measure the quality of your acoustic status quo. 

The results will be analyzed and evaluated in an individual noicePROFILE and our experts help you identify recommendations and define action plans.

 acoustic CHECK ecology incl. noisePROFILE 

sonorous clients
comevis-soundofsilence is a service provided by comevis. 
comevis GmbH & Co. KG combines a unique quintet of auditory disciplines at the highest level. From sound ecology to UX sound design, coaching, sound branding and
sound effect analysis:
comevis services + performances



We like to listen.

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